The EcOzone ozone generator is an integrated mobile unit complete with comprehensive safety and control systems. It is suitable for use in silos with airing platforms, traditional flat houses and flat hoses with airing platforms. The unit uses less power than a household clothes dryer and is no louder.

The EcOzone generator can be maneuvered into place by two men where it is connected to the storage unit’s ventilation intake. The control unit calculates the concentration, flow, running time, waiting time and number of run cycles for each application. All operating conditions are monitored including power consumption and running time.

The running time is typically 8 to 16 hours; no additional ventilation is required nor recommended. The actual duration depends on the level of contamination as well as the type of storage facility. The treated crops can be handled without protection within 3 hours and the goods can be shipped within a day.

In effect The EcOzone system will completely sterilize agricultural goods in 2 days as compared to ineffective fumigation treatments lasting weeks.