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Effects of Ozone treatment on fruit sterilization and ethylene product.

In the case of fruit it not only eliminates pathogens but also slows the production of ethylene, which slows down the ripening of the fruit, increasing shelf life. In the case of bananas it reduces the speed with which they get their brown spots. This could significantly reduce energy requirements of fruit storage, they do not need to stored for as long in refrigerated storage.

The treated bananas were from the same cluster (bunch) 2 x 2 pieces. The bananas with the tape attached were Ozone treated for three hours while the other 2 bananas were untreated. The bananas were stored in a room at room temperature and were checked daily for ripening.

banana day 2

Day 1

banana day 1 
Day 2

banana day 3

Day 3

banana day 4

Day 4

banana day 5

Day 5

banana day 6

Day 6

banana day 7

Day 7

banana day 8

Day 8