Threats to Crops

Rodents, insects, molds, fungi, bacteria and viruses all take hold in the fields. Current treatments only control these problems, they do not eradicate them.

It doesn't matter how clean the storage system is, the crops come in contaminated. If it's not noticed, if it's not treated, it can lead to a complete loss.

Rats, mice and insects, friendly or not, are only the visible part of the problem. It is the molds, fungi, bacteria and viruses that are the real threat.

Currently the Fusarium fungus poses the biggest threat to agricultural production and storage. It is experiencing a worldwide resurgence and has the advantage of reproducing in unfavorable conditions.

Toxins produced by various molds, fungi and bacteria are serious health threats worldwide. The mycotoxins produced by the Fusarium fungi alone are an extreme health threat. Toxins are generally found in the outer seed coat, so with the growing consumption of whole grain products the risk of these toxins entering the food chain has increased.

every infestation is its own health concern

Even with the most careful pest control small infestations can escape inspections and grow exponentially. The lack of natural enemies in stored crops and the ample supply of food provide ideal circumstances for reproduction. An unnoticed infection can lead to a complete loss in a matter of months.

every infestation represents a loss