EcOzone is a sterilization system that eliminates all crop storage and distribution problems caused by fungus, bacteria, bugs and vermin cleanly, quickly and economically

Helo Tony
one treatment at a fraction of usual time and cost is all it takes

EcOzone is the only solution to low cost and environmentally friendly sterilization

Insects, moulds, fungi, bacteria, viruses and vermin are the bane of agricultural production, storage and distribution. Current methods used to deal with these infestations are costly and labour intensive. None are comprehensive, none are fully effective, most leave chemical residues.

Ozone is a very efficient sterilizer because of its strong oxidizing properties. It has the benefit of being able to oxidize most organic matter and is capable of destroying a wide range of pathogens, including prions, without the need for handling hazardous chemicals

EcOzone is the first machine of its kind that can generate large quantities of ozone. In fact it can sterilize an entire full silo at a tenth of the cost, in a tenth of the time. It uses only electricity; a 20 amp 220 volt connection is all that is needed. There is no environmental downside.

The EcOzone ozone generator is an integrated mobile unit complete with comprehensive safety and control systems that calculate the exact concentration, duration and flow of ozone to ensure complete sterilization. The equipment is being successfully used on wheat, maize, barley, potatoes, onions, garlic, carrots, apples, and bananas.